Construction Services

Our Corporate Office: Cary, North Carolina

Value Proposition —
Our value is our strategic positioning to all major construction project in the Charlotte, Raleigh Metro Areas. We can ensure that all your project needs will be addressed through our 24/7 availability option.

Check Point

The Lewis Company offers first in class Construction Logistics, Warehousing, Material Control and Supply Chain Services to Prime Contractors. Our process supports both private industry and public construction projects. We believe that equipment is the heartbeat of any construction project which is why we’ve perfected our system to support scheduled and just-in-time logistics for any construction project.

Our premier services are as follows:

Our logistics program was built on a proven systems that has been perfected over a span of 20 years of service. We are able to ensure that all material logistics needs are covered, Our fleet includes Cargo Vans, Straight Trucks and Box Trucks.

Warehouse / Yard Storage

The Lewis Company prides ourself on our state-of-the-art warehouse facility. Our technology allows for our customers to see real-time counts of inventory and also request materials with ease of use.

Material Control & Supply Chain

Our staff has vast experience and can work with your contractors to purchase and maintain materials as the project moves to completion. We can procure materials for any project ranging from Steel to stud.

Training Center & Prefabrication

From entire buildings to discrete components, the use of off-site construction is relevant to our market place. Our facilities are ideal to facilitate construction prefabrication and on the job training work..


For over 26 years, The Lewis Company has been a trusted partner to our Valued Customers. Our services cross every line of core business which includes; Global Logistics, Telecommunication, Warehouse Distribution, Power Generation, Substation Maintenance, Nuclear Operations and Storm Recovery. We stand on our promise!


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