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Warehousing and logistics is the backbone of any thriving economy. Enterprises operating in a massive, advanced economy like the US require flexible, scalable, and streamlined warehousing solutions that have a zero-tolerance policy towards inefficiencies. Their warehousing partners should adapt to their rapidly changing requirements and optimize their operations to deliver the highest value to them.

The Lewis Company, with its strategically located Raleigh Metro Area warehouse, offers swift and affordable storage and fulfillment services to businesses. Our strategic warehousing and logistics services identify inefficiencies in your operations and transform them into opportunities of growth for you.

We leverage automation technology, experienced labor, and supply chain innovation to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness, and visibility of your business. Our relentless pursuit of improvement over two and a half decades has equipped us with the capability to offer world-class warehousing services to clients from a diverse set of industries.

Our diverse portfolio of clients includes B2B businesses, B2C enterprises, and e-Commerce companies. Our facilities are equipped to offer food-grade, tech-grade, as well as chemical-grade storage solutions, and feature 24×7 monitoring, accident protection, and state-of-the-art security systems.

Our Services

The Lewis Company’s warehousing solutions are designed to give our partners a competitive edge and push them one step closer to the leadership position in their respective industries. Here are the various services we offer:

Warehousing Made Simple, Fast, and Easily Scalable

Bespoke and Flexible Solutions

We work as long-term growth partners of our clients and are committed to the success of their visions and objectives. To help realize them, we offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to their requirements and possess the agility to adapt to their fast-changing needs.

360-Degree Supply Chain Visibility

By leveraging a vast variety of technologies, we provide our clients with full visibility of their supply chain– material location, movement, ETAs, and even real-time tracking capability.

Highly Reliable

We are proud of an excellent track record of fulfillment services that spans over two and a half decades. Our prompt, reliable, and timely services have won us the trust and long-term partnership of numerous clients from a diverse set of industries.


Take advantage of our dedicated points-of-contact to get real-time updates, operationalize your supply chain changes, and witness shorter lead time. Well-defined processes, responsibilities, and clear communication channels ensure smooth fulfillment experiences.

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