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The Lewis Company – Minority Business Empire


To invent new technologies and leverage existing cutting-edge innovation to deliver revolutionary services to our clients to make them more competitive, profitable, and environment-friendly.

Who Are We?

The Lewis Company is the trusted partner of the world’s leading organizations, including Fortune 500 Companies, in their pursuit of pre-eminence in their respective industries. For over 25 years, we have been delivering superior engineering and logistics solutions for our clients and are proud of our unmatched track record in quality and customer satisfaction. Our esteemed clientele includes the likes of IBM, General Electric, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Florida Power, Duke Energy, and the list goes on.

What We Do?

We transform innovation and multidisciplinary expertise into engineering and operational improvements to create solutions of the future. We serve clients who operate in some of the world’s busiest, and fastest-growing segments, where flawless execution and the reliability of the services delivered must be unquestionable.

How We Do It?

Aviation Architecture & Engineering

Employing architectural and engineering ingenuity to upgrade aviation infrastructure and successfully manage rapidly growing challenges of the present and the future

Air Freight Expedite Services

Multimodal air and ground logistics solutions seamlessly integrated into regional and international supply chains for faster and better results

Warehouse & Logistics Services

State-of-the-art warehouse management services for efficient and professional handling of goods. Equipped with storm preparation, recovery services, automation, and more

Environmental Collection, Testing, & Laboratory Services

Technically robust, expert, and high-quality environmental assessment solutions to ensure compliances, and to foster eco-friendly and sustainable approaches to business

The Lewis Company Difference

Technology, innovation, and an uncompromising commitment to delivering supreme quality services form the bedrock of everything we do.

Our engineering and logistics solutions are uniquely geared to not only help you manage your business today, but build a more sustainable, competitive, and future-ready infrastructure and business processes.

We are not just a team of specialists. We are your partners in success!

Why Choose Us?

The Lewis Company is the leading provider of highly reliable and fully customized engineering and logistics services for some of the key markets in the US economy. The high-quality and pragmatic solutions that we provide allow our clients to expand their capabilities by leveraging innovation – incremental as well as disruptive – to deliver more and better services to their clients efficiently. Backed by strong expertise and experience spanning over 25 years across different industries, we help build safer, leaner, and highly profitable business, all the while ensuring that they are eco-friendly and sustainable in the long term.

The Lewis Company – For a Better World

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Our long-standing commitment is a testament to our expertise and future-forward business approach