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Climate change has created a growing awareness among the world’s governments about the need to protect the environment. Government across the world are making a concerted effort to enact eco-friendly policies and urge businesses to adopt environmental-friendly processes. There are strict regulations, hefty fines and in certain cases, even incentives to ensure that businesses are indulging in pro-environment practices.

In this evolving regulatory atmosphere, it is critical that businesses take all the necessary precautions to ensure that their projects are in complete compliance with environmental regulations.

At The Lewis Company, we have made it our goal to make it easier for companies to stay compliant right from the initial stages of the project.

Each project comes with its unique set of challenges. Backed by our state-of-the-art testing tools and innovative methodologies, we have the capabilities to meet the most complex as well as resource and expertise intensive project requirements. We have worked with companies across the United States to help them identify potential conflicts and ensure that they stay 100% compliant with the relevant regulations.

We make it easier for you to become an environmentally conscious company and comply with all the regulatory requirements.

Our air pollution control and wastewater treatment services include:

Be Green, Be responsible With The Lewis Company

Compliance Specialists

We understand the nuances of environmental regulations across the United States. We are the specialists you need to ensure that your project does not face unexpected hurdles at an advanced stage of implementation.

Management Expertise

We have years of project management experience in the environmental services space. We leverage our experience and expertise to create comprehensive assessment reports and implementable strategies for our clients to make their projects green.


We employ sophisticated tools and latest technologies to provide air pollution control and wastewater treatment services to our partners. This acts as a foundation for creating accurate and comprehensive reports.

Diverse Clientele

At The Lewis Company, we provide complete environmental services for all kinds of projects in a variety of industries. Across sectors, our clients trust us to provide dependable, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to their challenges.

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