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Airport Engineering

The Civil Aviation industry in the US is one of the largest and busiest markets in the world. More people are choosing to fly every year and airports across the country are grappling with the growing pressure on them to expand their capacities without blowing up their operational costs. For them, The Lewis Company’s engineering and innovation services pave the way.

Our founder, Oscar Lewis, invented and patented the New Generation Smart Runway System that increases runway efficiency by a substantial 35% and adds another 15 take-offs and landings per hour to an airport’s capacity. It is ground-breaking innovation like this that can help the US aviation industry leapfrog into the future in a smart, cost-effective, and sustainable way.

The Lewis Company is committed to designing, developing, constructing, and consulting airports on implementing innovation-driven engineering solutions that solve modern problems creatively.

We also offer end-to-end project support for airports from the design phase to the execution phase to ensure complete compliance with relevant norms and industry standards. Our consulting services help airports set new benchmarks for safety, efficiency, and performance in the industry.

Our Services

The Lewis Company offers a broad range of services that make aircrafts and airports safer and more efficient. Here is a list of our services:

Creating a Safe and Sustainable Future for Americans

Faster Delivery

From the design stage to planning and consulting, we accelerate the deployment of technology-enabled solutions that dramatically improve operations and safety

Proven Results

Our extensive clientele includes government aviation administrations, private airlines, air traffic controllers, and more.

Extensive Experience

Our airport engineering expertise boasts of an impressive 30+ years of credibility. Airports across the length and breadth of the country feature our advanced airport engineering solutions

From Evolution to Revolution

We help airports unshackle themselves from the limitations of traditional airport management systems by introducing revolutionary systems that enhance their capacities without any major capacity expansion

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