Smart Runway System

Smart Airport Landing System goes to Worldwide Market!

Strong Industry, Government, and Academia Collaboration working as one!

Its Works!

After years of flight testing and months of comprehensive joint Federal Aviation Administration, Academia and The Lewis Company, the Smart Airport Landing System proof-of-concept engineering and testing ‘Well Exceeded’ aircraft performance, landing and traffic flow test objectives.

Traffic flow testing scenarios at high volume airports validated the safe and expeditious increase in aircraft landings and takeoffs.

This patented innovation breakthrough in the runway design, operation and technology meets today’s demand for eco-friendly and reduce carbon emission solutions.

The Value!

Airports utilizing the Smart Airport Landing System will see up to a 30 percent increase in air traffic capacity using the existing primary runway.

This means an additional 80 flights capacity increase a day.
Airport and Port Authorities will now have a new management and construction solution to meet future airport growth demands. Airports will no longer have to relocate businesses and communities to build
a new runway.

The Smart Airport Landing System is a revenue generating engine for creating jobs, funding local economic development, expanding airport markets and increasing airlines’ passenger count. Passengers will see a significate reduction in flight delays.

The Smart Airport Landing System enters the global aviation market as the leading Federal Aviation Administration, National Airspace System proven integrated state-of-the-art solution for modernizing our nation airports.

The Lewis Company is your global innovation leader in building aviation solutions to meet today and tomorrow airport capacity demands.

Our Collaborate Work Continues!

Oscar M. Lewis