Oscar Lewis

the Founder and President of The Lewis Companies

Oscar is a driving force behind the company's remarkable success in the field of logistics. With a distinguished background in both logistics and military service, Lewis brings a unique blend of strategic acumen and operational expertise to TLC's operations.

Under his visionary leadership, TLC has emerged as a trailblazer in the logistics industry. Lewis's forward-thinking approach is exemplified by his role in the development of innovative solutions that redefine logistics efficiency. His strategic insights and commitment to excellence have propelled TLC to the forefront of the field.

With a career spanning over three decades, Lewis's leadership shines brightest in challenging situations. His tenure overseeing air traffic control operations during the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics showcased his ability to excel under pressure.

Lewis's strategic foresight and dedication to pushing boundaries have transformed TLC into a logistics powerhouse. Through his visionary leadership, Oscar Lewis continues to lead TLC on a trajectory of logistics excellence, where innovation and efficiency converge to shape the future of the industry.

Tanzania Burghardt

Vice President of Operations & Technology

Tanzania Burghardt is a dedicated professional who is passionate about advancing the mission of The Lewis Company. With a strong focus on utilizing the latest technology and tools, she aims to propel the company's growth. Her impressive problem-solving skills and keen business sense serve as an inspiration to her colleagues.

Ms. Burghardt holds multiple degrees in Economics, Operational Management, and Supply Chain Management. She has built a successful career in logistics management and contract administration, accumulating 18 years of experience in the field. Throughout her career, she has developed expertise in strategic sourcing, risk analysis, spend management, budget analysis, and resolving routine operational issues.

At The Lewis Company, Tanzania Burghardt takes a focused and strategic approach to her work. As the Vice President, she has taken the lead on a wide range of projects, tackling each one with the same enthusiasm she had on her first day. Not only is she a valuable team player, but she is also an exceptional communicator.