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About Our Company

Learn more bout the Lewis Companies &
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Veteran Minority Business Empire

Delivering Innovative Services & Technological Solutions that allow 21st-Century Businesses to reach their Markets and Exceed their Goals.

The Lewis Company is the leading provider of highly reliable and fully customized engineering and logistics services for some of the key markets in the US economy. The high-quality and pragmatic solutions that we provide allow our clients to expand their capabilities by leveraging innovation – incremental as well as disruptive – to deliver more and better services to their clients efficiently. Backed by strong expertise and experience spanning over 25 years across different industries, we help build safer, leaner, and highly profitable business, all the while ensuring that they are eco-friendly and sustainable in the long term.

Our Mission

"To invent new technologies and leverage existing cutting-edge innovations to deliver revolutionary services to our clients to make them more competitive, profitable, and environment-friendly."
This, we do, by always ensuring our team stays ahead of the curve by keeping in touch with technological advancements, with a dedication to being a true partner to our clients...and delivering innovative solutions, and building long-lasting relationships based on trust and mutual success.

Who we Are

The Lewis Companies (TLC), incorporating Supply Chain Management, Airport Architecture & Engineering services, Global Logistics & Warehousing services, and Environmental Engineering services, is an industry-leading Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) committed to providing exceptional & innovative products and services to its clients (businesses & governments) nationwide. As a Minority-Owned business enterprise with over 30 years of industry-wide experience, we pride ourselves on developing a competitive business empire known for delivering innovative business solutions that meet the unique needs of 21st-century business problems.

What We Do

We offer a wide range of products and services designed to support the growth and success of our 21st-Century business partners. Our deliverables include Supply Chain Management solutions, Airport Architecture & Engineering solutions, Global Logistics & Warehousing solutions, and Environmental Engineering solutions. Each of these solutions is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you need help with global logistics or are looking for a partner to support the growth of your business, we have the expertise and experience needed to help you achieve your goals.

We’ve made a great impact to back our experience

Years in Business
10000 +
Parcels Delivered
100 +
Miles Covered

We Are More Than Just a Business Empire

We are your business partner in success. Let us help you achieve your goals the quickest by deploying transformative and innovative solutions that scale up your business from where it is at the moment to where you would love it to be.