The Lewis Company – Strategic Warehouse Solutions

Looking for an effective and excellent Warehousing Services in North Carolina? Look no further than the newest high-tech warehouse of The Lewis Company, which is strategically located in the Raleigh Metro Area.

Designed to accommodate diverse uses and applications, the state-of-the-art Warehouse features an 8,650 sq. ft. stand-alone facility, accessible through a free drive-in door for convenient interior staging.  It also boasts of reception and waiting area, alongside a field technician tech center.  The warehouse, which is always available for immediate storage, also features a balanced heating system with about 16 inches clear height.

This multifaceted facility has allowed us to offer quality support services to our valued customers  Daily Operation demands. Thus, with the judicious use of this strategic space, we are continuously fulfilling our mission of providing our clients with same-day shipping and material management services.   With the Lewis Company ultramodern warehouse, you can rest assured that all your needs will be accommodated – critical, long, or short term, we have you covered.

Here’s why you should take advantage of our excellent warehousing solutions today.

  • Material Storage & Distribution

No company would joke with the material storage and distribution aspect of their business, especially if the materials involved are larger materials.    With the Lewis Company Warehousing Services, you get a well-optimized warehouse, alongside expert material handlers and efficient material handling storage systems.  We will help you store, classify, and distribute all goods to their proper destinations.  Our material handlers are well-trained and experienced. Thus, they ensure the proper storage and distribution of your products, while being mindful of the safety of other workers and the products.


  • Warehouse Management

With our automated Warehouse Management Services, we ensure an effective organization, control, and administration of all warehouse operations right from the arrival of your goods or materials till they left.  Thus, we coordinate such important aspects like inventory management, picking processes, as well as auditing.


  • Staging & Kitting

With the Lewis Company’s professional staging, kitting and deployment services, your goods or materials will maintain the proper specifications for the targeted audience, and be delivered to the right locations.  Our kitting and staging services are flexible and custom designed to efficiently and accurately fit your organization’s needs, whether short-term or long-term use.


  • Inventory and Order Management

Our inventory and order management service is automated and ensures that your inventory levels are well monitored, likewise orders and deliveries. Our prudent management means you will always have enough goods in hand to serve the needs and demands of your customers.  Our high-tech warehouse is capable of offering you an improved efficiency, warehouse organization, and effective trend monitoring.


  • Storm Preparation and Recovery Services

Our warehouse is designed to identify possible storm events, thus putting us in a great position to prepare effectively and adequately for such events.  Likewise, in events of sudden storms, we offer excellent recovery services that ensure that maximum recoveries are made.


The Lewis Company is an industry leader in the logistics for over 25 years, with a glowing reputation as one of the most reliable full-service, national equipment, and logistics firm.  As a go-to logistics and project support firm to our private and public customers, we operate with the end in mind which allows us to align resources methodically to ensure project success.

You can never go wrong with The Lewis Company.  Contact us today and let us discuss the best warehousing solutions that suit you and your business.